Cloud-Based Management Solution
One platform. Online service. Added-Value.
  • CoreHR
    Securely store, manage, and record all employees' information in the cloud database.
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  • Time Tracking
    Accurately document every employee in every second.
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  • Payroll
    Efficiently and conveniently run payrolls on time without any mistake.
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  • More
    Daydao supports integration with third-party apps for greater value to improve your productivity.
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HR management tools
Say goodbye to the tired and traditional staff data management model, no more lockers and storage rooms, and most importantly no more loss of data. All data uploaded onto our virtual cloud platform will be perfectly preserved through our encryption system for the utmost safety and protection. Administrators can quickly and conveniently access all employee information from any device that has Internet access.
Paycheck list
Bid farewell to the days of repeatedly checking employees’salary data. All payments can be managed through Daydao.Daydao will significantly cut costs in time and labor, as well as reduce the potential of human error.
Schedules & Time sheets
Our online scheduling will help all staff to check schedules and other important information from management through smartphones at anytime and any place. Employees can use there smartphones to clock in and out of work with GPS tracking, saving significant time. Management can also better keep track of their employees by logging in to Daydao and accessing work logs and records.
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