Daydao 1.0 is now launched for andriod and IOS

Adapt or die? The HR service nowadays should face the growing business challenges and adapt to the modern technologies.


Smart HR management will create more convenience for engaging with business and financial growth. Your HR management can be more strategic with Daydao mobile application.


Are you still using the traditional time card system? Are you still get bent out of shape often because of being late without properly clock in on time? No worries, with Daydao mobile application, you can clock in & out anywhere & anytime leisurely.  To be successful in HR and be ahead of the game of management, business owners and even every person in the organizations should acknowledge the bigger capability of the mobile, intelligent HR management along the trend of artificial intelligence and universalness of the internet. Daydao's latest mobile application is available for enterprises distributed in America. Easy to use and economical in cost are our intents. Customers' convenience is all we care.


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