7 Reasons Why You Should Use Daydao

    Are you a small/medium-sized business owner? Do you want to improve your efficiency to get more done in less time? Look no further! Here are 7 reasons why you should use Daydao to achieve all of those goals.


1. Go paperless

    Papers are soooo last decade. SERIOUSLY! They take up valuable space (rent is expensive!) and are a pain to search through. You can also lose them super easily and no one likes trying to replace lost documents. It also takes so much manpower to document things and file them correctly–manpower that you could put into other, more productive things. Daydao stores key information like payroll data and time off schedules so you can have all the data you need at your fingertips. No filing cabinets needed.



2. No complicated spreadsheets   

    Even if you don’t completely rely on a paper-based system, spreadsheets are still SUPER ANNOYING. You have to enter everything manually and mistakes can be often and fatal. Daydao automatically collects and stores information, with no need to manually enter all that complicated data. Yay!


3. Free up time

    Think of what you can do with all that time wasted on recording, filing, and then looking for those very documents you filed. Instead of doing low-impact tasks, you could be working on constructive ways to improve your company, thinking up new ideas or fine-tuning details. Daydao takes care of the mundane tasks for you, so you can use your talent and time elsewhere. Good for you, your employees, and your company.


4. Easy to use interface

    Even if you are hopeless with technology, Daydao’s interface is so user-friendly that you would have no problem navigating through. Daydao is designed to be clear and efficient–no learning curve at all!


5. Keeps you on track

    Daydao has reminders and schedules built in so you know exactly when your break ends, when your meetings start, and where you need to be at what time. Notifications keep you well aware so you won’t be late to any of your responsibilities. Like the one that started three minutes ago! Just kidding.


6. One-system

    Daydao has all of its key functions in one platform. That means everything is in one accessible place. No need to import and export data between platforms, cutting out hassle and the dreaded feeling of your loading bar freezing up right when it gets to 99%.


7. Use anywhere

    You can access Daydao anywhere, anytime. Daydao has an online log in for when you are on your computer and a mobile app for when you are on the go. As long as you have Internet connection, check anything that you want anywhere you want.


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