Daydao Launched the Seed User Evaluation Campaign and Officially Accepted the Market Examination

BRADENTON, Fla.Sept. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 17th, Daydao announced an effort to recruit seed users for the newly launched software on their official website as well as social media. After two weeks of promotion, Daydao successfully recruited 20 companies as seed users, registering and implementing the Daydao attendance system with the first feedback survey scheduled a month later.

This act is undoubtedly courageous for Daydao, who, only having launched the beta version of their software two months ago, is a new company in the HR software industry.

Snow Sundvall, the founder and product manager of Daydao explains: "I know Daydao is a very new company and we haven't fully developed some functions in the system yet. We will definitely face a lot of questioning because of releasing the product at this time. However, this is both a crisis and an opportunity for us. We want to create a product that meets customer demands and helps solve real-life management issues. The customer needs never change for any product; we have to meet the market's demands. By beginning customer evaluations so soon, we aim to understand the actual needs of the customer more quickly and accurately. I want the functionality of our software to be supported by real customer experience rather than just what product managers think customers want."

Snow also elaborated on specific customer opinions. For example, some customers mentioned that the scheduling system does not automatically adapt to attendance records and employee information is a little complicated. Other customers praised the system for its ease and appearance. All in all, this seed user evaluation is a breakthrough opportunity for Daydao. They also perfectly show the market a start-up company that can be courageous, eager, and dedicated to self-improvement.

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