• What support is available?

    We provide online support to ensure you can discuss your issue with our experts. We also provide on-site support in some case. You can talk to our customer representative to schedule an appointment for the on-site support service.

  • How do I get started using Daydao?

    Go to www.daydao.us or download the Daydao app from your app store,register with your employer information, and start using Daydao after manager approval.

  • Where can I download Daydao from?

    You can download the Daydao mobile app from Apple Store, Google Store and other major application platform.

  • Are any plugins needed?

    There are no need to install any plugins or software,all you need is a browser.

  • How safe is my data on Daydao app?

    We use the most advanced encryption technology to store your data on a very secure cloud platform. We ensure your safty and privacy while using Daydao.